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"In 2002, I was broke. I went to a shop to pawn my jewellery. In the shop I met the owner, an elderly lady. We started talking. She wanted to help me. As I sat there, she picked up the phone and asked all her friends if anyone knew of any jobs. Nobody did. But, encouraged by her, I took the reins in my own hands. I decided to teach children ballet so I rented a small hall and organised an opening ceremony. I invited the lady from the jewellery shop who said she would love to come. I wasn't sure she meant it.  When she walked in to the hall, I had tears in my eyes. She handed me a ring and said: "I have worn this ring for many many years, but it doesn't suit me anymore and I've kept it for a very special person. It should bring you a lifetime of happiness." I've worn that ring ever since. But I never saw the lady again. I tried to find her, but the business did not exist anymore."

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  • The best story…I think have a piece of grit in my eye…


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