About Wobble Yoga

Polly Making Wobble Yoga Mat bags Australia Bondi

Wobble Yoga started with a new yoga mat but nowhere to put it. I was tired of juggling my purse/coffee/phone with a mat wedged into my armpit. So, I made my own yoga mat bag. I chose a Black & Gold Leopard fabric and used a random shoelace from the kitchen 'busy' drawer as the drawstring. Wobble bags were born the next day when a friend asked for one, who then told her friend, who asked for one. And so on.

Polly with Original Wobble Yoga mat bag

I built a website, as a fun learning project. Then sales started coming in from every corner of Australia and overseas! I used the bags every weekend. I listened to customers. Wobble bags became bigger, stronger & consequently more practical. I could fit all my Yoga stuff in one bag, have space to pick up some brekkie bits for the family AND have a spare hand for a coffee for the walk home.

Within 6 months of launching, the decision to sideline my corporate magazine career became easy. The side hustle became the main hustle and I love every second (especially those extra seconds with my daughter). As well as making and refining Wobble bags, I am now working on new products to satisfy all the needs of a Modern Yogi.

Polly & Viva handstand Bondi Wobble Yoga Mat bag

Wobble Yoga is an ethical business committed to environmental conservation. The amount of textile waste is shocking. If we all do our bit, by consuming responsibly, it WILL make a difference. From the logo labels to the gift-wrap, the fabric to the drawcord, I use as much recycled or rescued material as possible.

I know how hard it can be to drag yourself to a 6am class, in Winter. But I also know that making it to practice, is worth it, every single time. Yoga practice never makes perfect. Smile as you nearly topple over. Wobble.

Polly ❤️
Founder, Wobble Yoga